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Free Black Dirt is an artistic partnership formed by Minneapolis based collaborators Junauda Petrus and Erin Sharkey.  Committed to creating original theatre and performance, hosting innovative events, organizing local artists, and promoting and supporting the emerging artists’ community in the Twin Cities, Free Black Dirt seeks to spark and engage in critical conversations.

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Sweetness of Wild Film Series

Sweet, Vision & Wild

We are so grateful to be working with these lovely young sisters who will be playing Sweet, Vision and Wild in the experimental film series Sweetness of Wild! They were biking, climbing trees, and embodying these characters that we’ve been living with on the page for months. The first day of filming was inspiring and educational and humbling and more beautiful than we could have imagined!

MAY DAY 2015: Heart of the Beast

Free Black Dirt hosted a group of creators for the annual Minneapolis May Day Parade.

We worked with the Heart of the Beast Theatre to create puppets
in honor of Black Lives Matter, our dear Prince and purple love.

Affiliate Artists

We work with talented and holistic artists: photographers, videographers,

puppeteers and arts based organizations from the Minnesota area and around the world.

Mychal FisherVideographer

Videographer Mychal Fisher is the director of photography for Summer of Wild. His subtle but sure skill of capturing beauty and subtlety is a compliment to Junauda’s approach to language.

Felicia PerryClothing Designer

Talented clothing designer Felicia Perry multitasks as aerialist and performance artist.

Sarah WhitePhotographer & Musician

Sarah White is a photographer and musician whose eye, voice and ear has lent auric healing to the masses and on many Free Black Dirt projects.